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Enhance productivity and performance with AI Assistant.

AI Assistant within Adobe Experience Platform is designed to help you to understand your data, streamline your workflows and enhance productivity. AI Assistant makes expert-level task performance possible for all.

Meet AI Assistant.

AI Assistant helps you to understand concepts, gather insights, generate segments and troubleshoot problems. It is natively connected to your enterprise data and helps your team increase the quality and speed of their work while adhering to your brand’s data security standards. | An icon of a bar graph with an upward trend line above

Get customised product guidance based on your data and use cases, saving time on documentation review, troubleshooting and support tickets. | An icon of an information page, with media boxes and text

Expand product proficiency.

Strengthen your knowledge with timely, data-driven suggestions for follow-up actions or queries, fostering a continuous learning environment. | An icon of a tree graph

Simplify routine operations.

Execute data exploration, insight generation and campaign planning with fewer steps and greater output quality, all with user permissions enforced.

Providing you a leading advantage

Reach expert-level fast.

AI Assistant helps teams with:

  • Guided Automation. Boost time-to-value by simplifying complex workflows with automated task execution based on your approvals. For example, organise data segments into folders or automate creation of segments based on natural language prompts.
  • Enhanced product knowledge. Quickly access information about Adobe products like “how to build a segment” or “what is an identity map” to accelerate product learning.
  • Usage. Quickly understand usage of datasets, audiences and journeys in Experience Platform without running SQL queries. Non-technical users can get quick insights like “how often is my segment used?” or “where is this schema field used so I can label it properly?”
  • Brief Ingestion. Accelerate creative production within Workfront with creative briefs automatically generated from existing assets like PDFs, Word documents and PowerPoint decks.

Enhanced campaigns.

AI Assistant helps guide you on how to enhance the campaigns and content you put in market so you can drive better performance.

  • Deep Insights. Easily gather predictive insights to help guide your strategy. Assistant can help to get answers in seconds that used to take marketers days or weeks, like “how many conversions to expect from a segment” and “how would that change if I applied an additional segment filter”.
  • Recommended Action. Use AI Assistant to recommend next-best actions in your customer journeys. Ideate in real-time and explore new ways to engage your customers.
  • Content Quality Control. Automatically check content against your brand standards with automated asset quality controls that can flag regulatory and brand issues.
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