2023 DIGITAL TRENDS — Content Management in Focus

Create and deliver the content that makes customers go "Wow."

Balancing speed and creativity is key to consistently meeting — and exceeding — customer experience demands. Based on research from a global study, Econsultancy and Adobe show you why in 2023 Digital Trends — Content Management in Focus.

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The secret to delightful content is giving creativity room to breathe.

Customer demands are soaring. The pressure to produce unforgettable experiences at speed and scale across every channel is intense. To stay competitive, businesses must give marketers and CX professionals the time, processes and technologies to deliver personalised experiences for every customer — wherever they are.

Research by Econsultancy and Adobe highlights what's affecting creative content most, such as:

  • 47% of practitioners say integration between tech systems is holding back their marketing and CX organisations.
  • 62% of business leaders say their organisation has less time and space to be creative and design unforgettable experiences.
  • 38% identify a lack of digital skills in their organisation, a must-have when content is needed across multiple engagement channels.

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Discover the trends driving customer experience in 2023 — and how you can stay one step ahead.

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