Cross-channel content: Create once. Delight everywhere.

Customers want consistent, relevant experiences no matter where they are or which device they choose. With cross-channel content, you can create once and deliver beautifully across web, mobile, apps, IoT, single-page applications and in-venue screens — without the extra effort.


Content that’s fit for any channel.

From smartphones and connected cars to digital bus stops and interactive retail shops, consumers have endless options for engaging with brands. Not only are the number of channels and devices growing, but so are customer expectations. They want content created just for them and they want it consistent everywhere they go.

But each channel has its own complexities and requires content in a different format. To deliver consistent, personalised cross-channel experiences quickly, you need a unified approach. With re-usable, channel-agnostic content you have the right foundation to manage these experiences in an agile manner. Native personalisation tools then allow you to scale delivery of those experiences in a contextually relevant manner throughout the customer journey.


Adobe can help.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites helps you to create exceptional cross-channel experiences without having to start from scratch. With re-usable content elements you can scale experiences quickly across owned and unowned web properties, email, social, mobile and IoT apps and even digital signage. You can update once to change the experience everywhere in record time.

This cross-channel content can be easily personalised by authors or by using a personalisation engine to deliver contextually relevant experiences at scale. With Experience Manager Sites, marketers and developers can collaborate and simultaneously edit content for single-page applications so you can deliver rich interactive experiences faster.

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