Audience Marketplace

Our private and secure marketplace lets you easily buy or sell third-party data and engage in second-party data partnerships in a self-service, transparent manner.


Buy data. Sell data. Headache-free.

To grow your business, you need to reach new high-value customers or find better ways to target your existing customers. You can do this with a trusted source of third-party data — one that will give you access to untapped customer information and even add more details to your existing audiences to increase their conversion rate.

Audience Marketplace is a simple way for data buyers and sellers to make an exchange. Without wasting time looking for a data provider, you can buy third-party data or use second-party data relationships to enrich your own data. You also can use the Audience Marketplace to earn revenue on your own terms by selling your first-party data without sharing any personally identifiable information.


See what makes it work.

Data feed subscriptions
Subscribe to data providers’ feeds of data listed for sale by flat rate, CPM, or as a private data feed.

Data-use controls
Control how buyers pay for and can use your data. You can set plan types to allow buyers to either add to or augment their own data, create models to find new audiences, or send to an ad server or ad network for activation.

Payment processing
We handle all the details for you — contracts, billing, and payments between providers and sellers — so you can focus on selling or buying data feeds.

Overlap reports
Track overlap between data traits you already have and traits in a subscription’s feeds — so you don’t buy data you already have.

Private data feeds
Decide which buyers can see the data for sale — you can even hide the seller’s name. Using a private data feed, offer special deals and discounts to specific buyers. And if a buyer doesn’t pay or uses the data improperly, you can revoke their access to a subscribed feed.

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