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Amway in Europe delivers a better registration experience with Adobe Sign.

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Employees: 19,000
European headquarters: Germany


Reduction in administration



Improve the customer experience

Reduce registration time and complexity through automated e-signature process

Increase productivity

Eliminate contract processing delays that result in distributor attrition


Improved registration experience for independent Amway distributors

Accelerated contract completion from weeks to seconds

50% Reduction in administration

Lowered distributor attrition during registration

“The speed and efficiency of the e-signature process enables us to register more independent Amway distributors and increase our revenue in these markets.”

Lovisa Terling

Business Opportunity Manager Europe, Amway

Positioning independent Amway distributors for success

For more than half a century, Amway has empowered people worldwide to start their own businesses and build better lives for themselves and their families. The company supplies independent Amway distributors with high-quality nutrition, home and beauty products to sell to local customers. One of Amway’s cornerstones is that it allows people “to go into business for themselves, but not by themselves,” giving them the training and support to succeed.

One challenge in recent years was the complex process of signing contracts for Amway’s new independent distributors in Europe. Contracts were printed, signed and sent to prospective Amway distributors for review and signature and then sent back to Amway.

However, many contracts were returned incomplete, with missing information or signatures, requiring Amway to send them back to the distributors. Meanwhile, other packets could get lost by post, forcing the process to restart. Not surprisingly, the registration process often took weeks, leading some independent Amway distributors to drop out. The process also consumed significant time from Amway’s internal customer service, data entry and fact-checking teams. With these challenges, the company decided to rethink its approach.

“Adobe met all our criteria. In price, safety, credibility, reputation and support services, Adobe Sign was the clear winner.”

Lovisa Terling

Business Opportunity Manager Europe, Amway

Moving the registration process online

Amway in Europe decided to move to a digital document workflow for completing contracts, using an electronic signature solution. This would make the process easier and faster, with the flexibility to sign on a mobile device. The improvements were expected to increase the total volume of signed contracts and therefore revenue and reduce administration by eliminating many workflow steps and manual data entry requirements.

After reviewing several e-signature solutions, Amway in Europe selected Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution. “Adobe met all our criteria,” explains Lovisa Terling, Business Opportunity Manager Europe, Amway. “In price, safety, credibility, reputation and support services, Adobe Sign was the clear winner. We also felt the Adobe brand would be trusted by our independent Amway distributors and thereby reduce any hesitation they might have in electronically signing their contracts.”

After consulting with Amway in Europe’s digital, procurement and legal departments, the project team decided to pilot the online approach in the UK, Ireland and Poland. Designed as a self-service, 24 x 7 contract process, new independent Amway distributors now register on Amway’s country website, triggering the creation of a four- to seven-page contract. Independent Amway distributors then access and review the contract online and electronically sign with Adobe Sign. The new process complies with internal audit requirements and integrates seamlessly into Amway in Europe’s existing document management system.

Demonstrating success

In its first year of deployment, nearly 90,000 contracts were finalised using Adobe Sign. Contracts can now be completed instantly, while the earlier issues of incomplete and lost contracts have been virtually eliminated. The easy, intuitive process creates a positive first impression for new independent Amway distributors and significantly reduces the number of potential distributors and prospects dropping out of the process. “The speed and efficiency of the e-signature process enables us to register more independent Amway distributors and increase our revenue in these markets,” reports Terling.

Today, more than 90% of independent Amway distributor contracts in Europe are completed using Adobe Sign. In addition, the digital documentation workflow has cut data entry requirements by more than 50%, freeing Amway in Europe’s customer service team to spend more time supporting independent distributors and focusing on building the business by presenting Amway products and the opportunity.

Future roll-outs

The success of the pilot project has inspired Amway in Europe to discuss additional country roll-outs. “Adobe Sign helped us to exceed every target we set and has transformed our registration experience,” concludes Terling. “It’s easy to see its potential across the organisation.”

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