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Deliver innovative, high-quality content that helps clients’ brands stand out

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Faster content creation with access to the latest product features

Uses integration between apps to maintain brand consistency across media

Improves work efficiency, freeing time for more creative experimentation

Encourages seamless collaboration between colleagues and clients worldwide

In 1970, one company made history in Taiwan. That was the year that United Communications Group became the first advertising agency in Taiwan. Today, United Communications Group joins KY-Post, Pilot Group, Interplan Group, and Medialand as part of Growww Media Group, Taiwan’s leading marketing services company. As a subsidiary of Hakuhodo Inc., Growww Media Group acts as part of a global network dedicated to keeping clients’ brands on the forefront of consumers’ minds.


Growww Media Group is known for its groundbreaking, award-winning advertising campaigns and event designs. The companies work with some of the biggest names across a range of industries, from the financial sector to automotive to global consumer brands. But one thread connects all of these clients: the need for creativity.


“In competitive markets, consumers look for things that make brands stand out,” says Angus Wang, Vice President at United Communications Group, Growww Media Group. “As an advertising agency, our job is to develop creative ideas that catch people’s attention and help consumers understand who the company is.”


Today’s customers are competing for attention in the middle of an information explosion. There is more content delivered across more mediums than ever. Brands need to keep pushing out content and refreshing their messaging to make sure that consumers are always thinking about customers’ products and brands. Fast-paced digital campaigns are becoming the norm to deliver dynamic messaging, but large-scale physical events and displays are still a great way of impressing consumers and drawing eyes to a brand.


With Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise, creators at Growww Media have the tools they need to develop ideas for any promotional activity, whether they’re designing a backdrop for a large exhibition space or a short video for a viral social media campaign. By working together with Adobe Creative Cloud, teams can pool their ideas, collaborate, and deliver the fresh, modern creative content clients are looking for.


“Our clients are demanding more content across channels,” says David Chang, Creative Director at UNISURF, Growww Media Group. “Our job is to create interconnected campaigns with consistent messaging and quality across all media. Adobe Creative Cloud gives us the integrated apps we need to develop creative campaigns for all mediums.”



“Digital media changes every day. We can’t rely on a single piece of software. The great thing about Adobe Creative Cloud is the variety of apps and interaction between them.”


David Chang 

Creative Director, Growww Media Group - UNISURF 

Shifting from physical to digital

For many years, advertising meant print: magazine and newspaper ads, billboards, store banners, and catalogues. Growww Media creative teams planned campaigns out weeks or even months in advance to ensure enough printing, delivery, and installation time for each piece of collateral. Marketers and designers worked primarily with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create 2D content ready for print.


Today, most collateral is delivered digitally. In addition to Photoshop and Illustrator, designers at Growww Media increasingly use apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Dreamweaver to create digital designs. Customers want content that can attract audiences across all channels, including websites, email newsletters, advertising banners, social media posts, streaming video ads, in-store digital displays, and exhibition spaces.


To meet the growing appetite for digital content and maintain consistent branding, creative teams often reuse and repurpose assets across channels. A 2D graphic might be static on one platform but turned into an animated gif on another. Even the same video might be edited in different ways to account for different video sizes, resolutions, and lengths depending on the intended platform.


“Digital media changes every day. We can’t rely on a single piece of software,” says Chang. “The great thing about Adobe Creative Cloud is the variety of apps and interaction between them. We can easily pull assets into different apps and for a consistent look across different media.”


Using the integration between Adobe Creative Cloud apps, Growww Media content creators can easily switch between apps for seamless creative workflows. A 2D logo created in Illustrator can be brought to life as an animated object in Adobe Animate. Video editors can then turn the logo into a 3D graphic for a video using After Effects. Since creators can reuse content in more ways, they can create diverse media much faster.

“By taking advantage of new features in Adobe Creative Cloud apps, we can work more efficiently, giving us more time to experiment and meet our clients’ high expectations.


Bomb Su

Creative Director, Growww Media Group - United Communications Group

Keeping up with a fast-paced digital world

Digital channels move quickly, with content potentially uploaded and distributed in minutes. Social media is particularly fast paced, with customers demanding timely posts that capture market changes and new consumer trends. The team at Growww recognises the need to continually come up with new, creative ideas to capture the attention of audiences.


The team at Growww Media appreciates that Adobe Creative Cloud apps are constantly updated with new features that accelerate content creation. Working with new features speeds up basic tasks and gives artists and designers more time to experiment and iterate on creative ideas, resulting in more innovative results for clients.


Artists use Illustrator to create, edit, and render 3D objects. Features such as auto-tracing and mask tracking in After Effects make it faster and easier to add animated effects to videos.


“I spend a lot of time retouching images, and the neural filters in Adobe Photoshop are a great help,” says Bomb Su, Creative Director at United Communications Group, Growww Media Group. “It’s now much faster and makes Photoshop feel easier to use. By taking advantage of new features in Adobe Creative Cloud apps, we can work more efficiently, giving us more time to experiment and meet our clients’ high expectations.”

“Adobe Creative Cloud allows us to do more with every app to create a steady stream of content that keeps our customers and their products on top of consumers’ minds.”


Karen Hung

Creative Director, Growww Media Group - United Advertising

Going global

As part of the international Hakuhodo network of advertising companies, Growww Media increasingly collaborates with global teams and works with international brands on campaigns intended for Taiwan and abroad. Clients expect their agencies to deliver a total package of integrated media with creative ideas that are connected and effective. By standardising operations on Adobe Creative Cloud, Growww Media can reduce complications caused by people working on different software or different versions, resulting in closer collaboration.


“With the internet and social media, speed is the key,” says Karen Hung, Creative Director at United Advertising, Growww Media Group. “Even clients in industries like automotive, where product offerings don’t change as often, need to refresh their messaging frequently to attract customers’ attention to their products and services.”


“Our focus today is on the internet, social media, and the need to connect with consumers quickly,” says Hung. “Adobe Creative Cloud allows us to do more with every app to create a steady stream of content that keeps our customers and their products on top of consumers’ minds.”

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