Premium Inventory Management

Automate private inventory management for guaranteed buys, as well as premium, on-demand inventory from more than 50 publishers and TV broadcasters or from non-traditional programmatic offerings like audio and social.

Automate private inventory management for guaranteed buys.

It’s your job to deliver effective, engaging campaigns across a variety of channels and devices. But executing guaranteed or non-guaranteed buys is often a challenge, as you have to jump from one platform to another, from publisher to publisher, to make them happen. It takes time you don’t have and slows down your campaign workflow.

Not any more. With premium inventory management through Adobe Advertising Cloud, you get instant access to more than 50 on-demand premium digital publishers and TV broadcasters. Executing a non-traditional, private inventory deal is easier too. You gain access to premium non-traditional publishers for a seamless ad-buying experience in audio, digital out of home and social inventory. Now you can extend your reach without extending your work.

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Simple ad serving
Execute automated guaranteed buys with simple ad serving. If you have outside contracts or pre-existing deals with publishers and would like to use Adobe as an ad server, this is an option for simple, non-decisioned ad delivery. You can also take advantage of our reporting metrics on publisher-direct buys.

Audio inventory
As one of the first DSPs to launch a true programmatic audio offering, we allow you to extend your campaign reach via a highly familiar and engaging format — audio — using the same seamless workflow as your digital ad placements. Audio brings unique targeting capabilities, such as with mood-based playlists and our team has built measurement solutions specific to audio inventory to help drive value across channels. We partner with premium audio publishers, including Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud, Global Radio, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and more.

Native advertising
Engage viewers when they are most receptive with contextually relevant ads natively placed within premium publisher feeds. Retarget these viewers within other channels or use a suppression strategy to scale even further reach.

Smart ad serving
For premium guarantee or private deals, we enable streamlined ad serving and RTB-powered decisioning for publisher-direct deals, with reporting to measure all of your direct deals. We can help to set-up and handle billing for any guaranteed publisher-direct buy and are part of both Rubicon’s and AdX’s programmatic guaranteed offering.

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Brand safety tools

Keep control of your brand with our industry-leading tools to ensure your advertisements display in the best possible light. Page screening capabilities detect and mitigate faulty inventory, while pre-bid filtering detects and prevents fraud, brand violations and suboptimal viewability.

Cross-screen planner

Plan and buy advertising across screens and formats. Ingest existing TV and digital plans or a combination of datasets to determine the optimal inventory mix and budget allocations by channel, then accurately measure reach, frequency and impact.

People-based marketing

Go beyond cookies and devices to target individuals. Associate an individual’s devices to create a single profile. And with our open, agnostic platform, it’s easy to merge data sources to augment that profile. All of this can be used to find more customers with look-alike modelling.

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