Document Generation

Generate documents data in a variety of formats, including PDF and PostScript. Or combine, rearrange or augment existing PDF or XDP documents.


Information reboot. From forms to document, fast.

You work to optimise your web and mobile sites to provide customers with engaging, responsive and adaptive forms that can be completed quickly and efficiently. And sometimes you need to format the information from those forms into a document just as quickly.

Document generation lets you create documents in different formats, including PDF, laser printer formats and label printer formats. PostScript and Printer Control Language (PCL) options let you send your documents to a network or local printer or to save as a file.


See what makes it work.

See what makes it work.

Assembler service
Combine, rearrange and augment PDF and XDP documents and obtain information about document formats.

Output service
Merge templates with XML form data to output documents, including PDF, PostScript, ZPL and PCL formats.

Send to printer service
Use API functionality to send generated documents to a specified printer for printing. Document generation also supports ZPL, IPL, DPL and TPCL label printer formats.

Learn more about document generation in Adobe Experience Manager.

Pick your format.

Pick your format.

See how to output documents in different formats for faster and more efficient forms in our Help section.

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Dive deep into document configuration.

Learn how to install and configure document services for Experience Manager in our Help section.

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