Managing millions of customer journeys.

RCS MediaGroup analyzes customer data with Adobe Marketing Cloud for targeted campaigns.

RCS MediaGroup



Employees: about 3,400 in 2016 (Italy and Spain)

Milan, Italy



lower operating costs through improved productivity


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Increase revenue through more page views and subscriptions

Manage millions of customer profiles across channels for better reach

Analyze marketing campaigns to optimize results and target audiences


25% lower operating costs through improved productivity

Manage millions of customers in one tool

Deliver effective messages across channels

Target users with real-time analysis

“Adobe Marketing Cloud help us learn from our customers so that we can keep them engaged with our brands.”

Luca Crisà

CRM Digital & Campaign Manager at RCS MediaGroup

World leader in media

With more than 70 brands across Italy and Spain, RCS MediaGroup is an international media leader. The company is known for its newspapers, including Corriere della Sera, La Gazzetta dello Sport, and Marca, the most widely read daily newspapers in Italy and Spain. But over the years the company has expanded into a true multi-channel media giant with lifestyle magazines, websites, television, and radio brands.

Two of the most important sources of revenue for RCS MediaGroup come from subscriptions and advertisements. Understanding the customer goes a long way towards boosting revenue, because the right message at the right time can encourage customers to sign up for a subscription, click on an ad banner, or simply continue reading further.

“We have about 15 million contacts in our database,” says Luca Crisà, CRM Digital & Campaign Manager at RCS MediaGroup. “This volume of customer data can give us valuable insights into how we can make ads and subscription offers more attractive to audiences.”

However, the volume also posed a challenge to RCS MediaGroup as teams tried to manage, analyze, and target millions of customers across channels. “We needed tools that would provide a unified point of management for all types of marketing campaigns, from email and digital to social, SMS, and mobile apps,” says Crisà. “We chose Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target, because it offers an integrated platform that works across channels.”

RCS MediaGroup

Intelligent, targeted marketing

Through Adobe Campaign, RCS MediaGroup is pulling together information about millions of users from a wide range of sources to build detailed customer profiles. Robust APIs and built-in integrations allow Adobe Campaign to pull information from RCS MediaGroup’s Salesforce CRM solution, e-commerce solutions, customer databases, and even website behavior.

Adobe and integration partner Accenture worked with RCS MediaGroup to develop simple workflows that help marketers segment audiences into groups and build targeted campaigns in less time. By collecting and gaining insight into customers’ needs and preferences from across channels and brands, RCS MediaGroup can deliver more personalized, cross-channels campaigns based on the customer data. One of the 60 million customers involved with the company’s sports brands, for example, might be more open to a newspaper subscription that comes with a promotional offer for a three-month trial of a cable sports network.

Adobe Campaign also helps RCS MediaGroup determine the best channel and timing for how to approach customers and receive the best engagement for loyalty and acquisition campaigns.

“With all of our customer information in one place with Adobe Campaign, we can better identify marketing opportunities across channels and monetize that data through our digital advertising,” says Crisà.

Adobe Analytics helps break down marketing campaigns so marketers can identify trends and interact with customers in real time. This allows RCS MediaGroup to target even anonymous website users with relevant offers based on their browsing behaviors. When Adobe Target is fully implemented, marketers will be able to automate targeting and drive even deeper levels of personalization for engaging customer journeys.

While RCS MediaGroup primarily uses Adobe Campaign to provide more personalized customer journeys, marketers are also starting to use Campaign for end-to-end marketing support for B2B customers. Rich visuals created with Adobe Creative Cloud help draw in customers and boost clickthroughs.

RCS MediaGroup

Reducing operating costs by 25%

Email marketing campaigns make up a large part of RCS MediaGroup’s marketing activities. Marketers send more than 15 emails to different groups of customers every day for a total of 600,000 million emails a year.

Adobe Campaign can automate these campaigns and even specify details such as scheduling. All VIP newsletters, for example, land in the readers’ mailboxes at 7 a.m. to maximize impact at the beginning of the day. Transactional messages can be sent immediately for real-time customer interactions.

“Automation boosts productivity so marketers are spending 35% less time sending emails with Adobe Campaign,” says Crisà. “We have more time to analyze results and optimize emails to achieve better responses.” As a result, the company reduced operating costs by 25% while providing better interactions with customers. According to customer service surveys, net promoter scores are improving daily.

In addition to emails, RCS MediaGroup also uses Adobe Campaign to manage campaigns across SMS, websites, mobile app messages, and push notifications. By giving customers more options and ways to interact, RCS MediaGroup can provide higher impact offers that lead to increased subscriptions and better responses for advertisers.

“Adobe solutions help us learn from our customers so that we can keep them engaged with our brands,” says Crisà.

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