Rules-based Targeting

Instantly target specific groups of site visitors with rules based on concrete, real-time data, like how a visitor reached your site, geographic data, and visitor behavior attributes. Immediately deliver the right content to your visitor segments using out-of-the-box tools — with little or no coding required.

Targeting at the granular level for better user experiences.

You want visitors to spend time on your website — click through the pages, browse content, and view ads. But this only happens when users see content that’s interesting and relevant. Customers now expect websites to be customized to their needs, but your team doesn’t have the time or expertise for complex coding.

With rules-based targeting, you establish targeting parameters and then visitors are shown content based on the criteria. You can group visitors based on information gathered during the site visit, such as mobile device, how they reached the site, browser, operating system, their current location, and the actions they take on your website. You also can use audience information, including gender, age, location, and spending patterns. By using a simple forms-based interface, you select or build the rules — no need to write a single line of code.


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Form-based setup

A simple interface lets you quickly select and activate rules from the largest out-of-the-box rules library. You also can customize an existing rule or create your own from scratch.


Know the location for each visitor and target content based on local trends, activities, or weather.

Customer profile targeting

Create more robust and progressive targeting by uploading customer profile data from Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, your CRM, and third-party sources.

Adobe Campaign integration

Streamline emails with the Experience Manager integration for Adobe Campaign. Use Experience Manager Assets to create variations of emails for Campaign, so you can easily turn one email into several versions.

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Learn more about rules-based targeting in Adobe Experience Manager Sites.


Uncover targeting in action.

See how to personalize and target directly to each individual customer in our tutorial video.

Create personalized customer experiences.

Learn how to use Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target to create experience fragments and use them to enhance personalization in our Help section.


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