Design and orchestrate personalized journeys from a single canvas.

Build multi-step, omnichannel journeys and with messages and content personalized to the individual customer for both planned campaigns and real-time customer moments — all from a single application.

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See how Journey Optimizer makes real-time, cross-channel customer moments part of the planned marketing journey.


A unified interface for complex customer journeys.

Many organizations manage their customer journeys using a handful of tools — email service providers and mobile engagement platforms for messaging, additional tools for offer management and decisioning, and real-time moments. This leaves marketers and customer experience teams struggling to create a cohesive customer journey using siloed processes and out-of-date data. And it leaves their customers with disjointed experiences.

If they are going to create the seamless personalized experiences their customers expect, marketers need a single tool — a unified canvas — where they can manage all aspects of the customer journey.

Adobe can help

Adobe can help.

Adobe Journey Optimizer is a single application where marketers and customer engagement managers can create and optimize both real-time tailored interactions as well as scheduled audience-based messages. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, marketers or engagement managers can easily segment audiences, design and personalize omnichannel messages, and build and orchestrate end-to-end customer journeys. It’s a single canvas where you can do it all.

Here are the features that make omnichannel orchestration:

Message designer
Quickly create offers and messages such as email and mobile push using the drag-and-drop interface and ready-made templates, or upload your own files.

Omnichannel journey designer
Build multi-step journeys with targeted audiences, updates based on real-time customer or business interactions, and omnichannel messages using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Digital asset management
Find and use digital assets using the lightweight DAM built just for marketers, Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials. With it marketers can tag, organize, store and lightly edit assets.

Real-time goal tracking
Show teams how the work they do supports your strategic plan. Workfront tracks progress towards your business goals and highlights what assignments are making the biggest impact.

Content experimentation
Optimize messages for customer by testing against subject lines, body copy, and images in email, push, or in-app.

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