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Gaining a deep understanding of your customer requires the ability to use your commerce intelligence to measure and optimize your digital content. It’s the only way you can deliver the right experience at just the right time and in the right context. Check out our video to learn how real-time business intelligence can help identify your best customers.

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With stiff competition and tight margins, you need the ability to identify your most profitable customers and build meaningful experiences for them. When you use business intelligence tools and data analytics, you gain valuable insights into their behaviors that can help you deliver on the promise of personalization.

By harnessing the power of your database along with your other systems, you can see content response metrics, shoppers’ channel usage, and other insights that accelerate smart, data-driven decisions. This lets you measure and analyze key attributes across the customer lifecycle — from browsing habits and purchasing history to social media engagement and activity — so you can uncover a variety of ways to present value.

Using the data to enhance segmentation and fine-tune future marketing as well as identify your most profitable customers, also lets you maximize your effort by targeting the right customers with the right content at the right time. This will help you deliver on the promise of personalization and the promise to grow the business.

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Identifying your most important customers is the first step to long-term success. Download our guide on segmentation for more info.

Adobe can help.

Magento Commerce Cloud, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, offers highly sophisticated business intelligence tools that are also user-friendly. When you connect your database along with your other systems to Magento Commerce Cloud, you can control and manage business and transactional data as well as apply data analytics to gain shopper insights and identify your best customers.

With our business analytics tool’s automated data updates and intuitive dashboards, your organization has real-time insights for real-time personalization. And the dashboards help visualize data in ways that make it easy to understand and eliminate the technical hurdles that your teams often faces when trying to glean business intelligence from complicated tools. But most importantly, you gain the insights you need, when you need them, to refine your marketing, increase customer engagement, and grow your business.

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“Previously, eCommerce was a roadblock. Now, if a competitor in New York launches a new route and new promotion, within a day we can react to it.”

Andy Furlong, Executive VP of Marketing and eCommerce, Big Bus Tours

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