Translation Services

Easily connect your content to machine or human translation services to offer your products and services across the globe with common languages preconfigured.

Going global starts by speaking the same language.

You want to scale for worldwide business, but to reach customers around the globe, you’ll need to speak their language.

With translation services, taking this step has never been easier. In minutes, connect your content to machine or human translation so you can effectively and efficiently communicate in any market, any time. It’s an essential piece of “going global” and the next step in your journey to build a bigger, better business.

See what makes it work.

Personalised to your global customers
Language isn’t one-size-fits-all. With machine translation in Adobe Experience Manager, you can build your own systems that include preferred terminology, industry-specific style and organisational nuances.

Optimised for worldwide success
Extend the reach of your translated content while optimising costs, increasing discoverability and boosting ROI.

Integration made easy
We’ve included common languages standard, for easy integration and usage — no translation muscle required. 

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Explore machine translation.

Learn how to use Microsoft Translator for fully integrated and customised machine translation functionality in 45-plus languages.

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Get to know the translation workflow.

See how to localise forms using the Experience Manager translation workflow in our Help section.

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