Real-time journeys

Meet customers where they’re at with real-time journey orchestration.


Engaging with customers based on recent actions or contextual changes like shifts in geolocation makes all the difference in your outreach relevancy.

Adobe Journey Optimizer provides everything you need to trigger those in-the-moment interactions to form real, meaningful connections.


See what makes real-time journeys work.

Adobe Experience Platform places and services

Add the Adobe geolocation service to enable location awareness on your mobile app and allow Journey Optimizer to use proximity to a beacon or geofence to trigger messages.

Real-time customer profile

Inform the next step in the customer journey with the real-time customer profile, which is based on 360-degree data from the customer experience.

Real-time signals

Listen actively for real-time signals from external data sources and trigger the next best action for each customer based on individual journeys.

Journey designer

Build complete multi-step journeys for individuals or targeted audiences that update in real time based on customers or other live signals.

Streaming segmentation

Update customer profiles and move them in and out of segments dynamically as real-time data becomes available.

Learn more about advanced customer journey orchestration with Journey Optimizer.

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