Personalize citizen outreach and engagement.

The people you serve expect the same digital experiences they get every day. They want online interactions that are personal, seamless, and easy to access from any device. Watch the Symposium panel discuss how to identify, segment, and personalize citizen and employee communication.

Deliver your message on any channel — online and offline.

Citizens expect personal and relevant communications across email, mobile, social media, and direct mail. Modernize your outreach with Adobe to reach the right person, on the right channel, and at the right time.

• Create, manage, and deliver cross-channel communications all in one place.

• Manage and optimize the customer journey across channels — offline and online.

• Use centralized creative asset management and analytics across channels to speed workflows.

• Improve citizen experiences with one-to-one personalized content.

Devliver your message on any channel


“Adobe is constantly setting the bar higher for analytics and personalization success. With Adobe Experience Cloud, we can do more to orchestrate better experiences for tens of millions of customers.”

Stuart Irvine, Analytics and Optimization Lead, Heathrow Airport

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Vous pouvez mettre en place une communication vraiment attrayante en personnalisant vos messages et vos campagnes en fonction du comportement des utilisateurs, et en choisissant le bon moment.

Parcours des administrés

Parcours des administrés

Apprenez à connaître le parcours des administrés de manière à vous adresser à la bonne personne au bon moment, par e-mail, sur appareils mobiles, hors ligne, etc.



Synchronisez toutes vos actions de communication pour que votre organisme offre à votre public une expérience positive et satisfaisante.

Voyons ensemble comment Adobe peut aider votre organisme.