Auto-text Summarization

Rely on Adobe Sensei’s natural language processing technology to summarize text automatically for smaller screens so you can create text content once and reuse it within your experiences easily across all channels.

Automate your text editing, thanks to artificial intelligence.

With your audience accessing your content on screens of all sizes, content of a single length isn’t right for every situation. But editing multiple versions of each piece of content by hand takes time and energy you might not have.

The auto-text summarization feature automatically shortens text in content fragments to a predefined target word count while maintaining meaning. Machine learning directs the system to retain the sentences with the highest information density and uniqueness.


See what makes it work.

Instant, intuitive text editing

Plug in the number of words you’d like to end up with, and the system instantaneously slices and dices your master text, removing full sentences that seem the least impactful to create a shorter version.

Easy version review

Quickly identify the edits, displayed in red strike-through, and polish up the final version by restoring sentences that should remain and removing any you want to eliminate.

Simple synchronization

Make sure any changes to the master text trickle down to the shorter versions you’ve created with the synchronization option.

Learn more about auto-text summarization in Adobe Experience Manager Sites.


Craft short, sweet variations.

Learn how to use auto-text summarization with the Variations tool in our Help section.

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