Catalog Service for Adobe Commerce

Catalog Service is a multi-tenant SaaS service that allows you to display product and category information at much faster speeds to power exceptional storefront shopping experiences.


Speedier shopping experiences that scale better.

Delivering great shopping experiences can be tricky, involving many factors. But two are undoubtedly part of the equation: Customers need to find what they’re looking for and they need to do it quickly. That’s why we developed Catalog Service for Adobe Commerce.

Catalog Service is a SaaS service that provides an additional API surface that makes product and category data retrieval faster. As a cloud-based service, it’s also incredibly reliable and always up to date. Built to work with your existing Adobe Commerce catalog data, Catalog Service also integrates seamlessly with other Adobe Commerce features like Live Search and Product Recommendations. And Adobe Commerce customers can add Catalog Service at no additional cost.

Faster retrieval and more reliability means a better customer experience. And that means better conversion rates. We’d say that’s a service everyone can use.

See what makes it work


  • Faster data retrieval (up to 10x*), including product detail, category menus and trees, search results, and any other pages that require catalog data.
    * Internal test results have shown an improvement of up to 10x faster data retrieval response time. Other factors may affect your results.
  • API Mesh integration allows to incorporate both Adobe Commerce GraphQL systems with private and third-party APIs in a single query.


  • Comes with your Adobe Commerce subscription at no additional cost.
  • Reduce costs by lowering the traffic burden on your core PHP applications running on commerce servers.
  • Speed up category menu and trees rendering time and only display the level of detail that is relevant to your shopper.
  • Show available colors via color swatches for any product.


  • Adobe-managed and cloud-native, so you never need to worry about a lack of support or hardware limitations.
  • Versatile enough to work as a standalone solution or in cooperation with your existing SaaS services like Product Recommendations or Live Search.

Added Benefits

  • Access SaaS price indexing capabilities that update catalog price changes up to 90% faster.

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