One demand-side platform to rule them all.

Demand-side platforms (DSPs) have taken over the industry. Now, when you want to execute a media buy for space on mobile browsers and apps, you use a mobile DSP. For online banners, there are display DSPs. For digital video, there are video DSPs. The list goes on. While some DSPs bring together some of these mediums, our DSP brings together everything.

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Media buying has entered the age of automation. And it’s no wonder. You can’t keep up with today’s business with yesterday’s manual processes. With media strategies becoming significantly more complex, you need a demand-side platform to manage tactics that span multiple sites simultaneously, effortlessly, and nearly instantly — at the speed it takes for a webpage to load.

At the core of demand-side platforms is data — using it to build identities and find optimal mixes to reach the audience. But since some DSPs are limited to certain media types, the data you have is equally limited, making identities incomplete and hampering your reach. While digital ad buys are made by DSPs, traditional TV advertising is still primarily planned and managed using manual processes. But if you could combine both, then you could see a more complete picture of your customer.

A combined digital and TV world would give you a single foundation that includes first-, second-, and third-party, online and offline data. It will allow you to see how customers interact with your brand across their entire journey. From learning about your product with a primetime TV spot to seeing ads while browsing their Facebook feed to using a favorite search engine as they compare your product with the competition.

It’s this sort of integration that uses both branding and performance intelligence to build awareness, increase conversions, and drive greater efficiencies. An integrated platform lets you see all your outcomes in one place, instead of in silos. You control the exact media inventory you’re buying, ensure you’re appearing in brand safe and quality contexts, and gain confidence that you’re maximizing reach of the right audience.

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Adobe can help.

Advertising DSP is the first independent demand-side platform that brings cross-screen and cross-channel integrations for planning, buying, measurement, and optimization. It’s the only omnichannel DSP that supports connected TV, video, display, native, audio, and search campaigns.

With real-time, in-dash reporting, custom reports, raw activity logs, and reporting APIs, you’ll get the ultimate flexibility to analyze campaign performance and make faster, more informed optimization choices. When combined with our proprietary ad creative management platform, integrated brand surveys, and other Adobe Experience Cloud products, you’re not just buying ad spots—you’re delivering engaging, personalized experiences.

DSP is part of Adobe Advertising, the end-to-end, independent platform for managing advertising. It is the only one of its kind to keep your brand safe, improve performance, provide economic transparency, and leverage the full breadth of data and creative capabilities from Adobe. It gives you greater control of your global advertising spend to achieve your business goals.

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