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Here’s what to consider when comparing analytics solutions.


Competing Solutions

Adobe Analytics

Collect and measure
They collect data from a limited number of sources and then sample data, so they only show you a portion of the complete data set at any given time.
We allow you to collect data from a wide range of channels, including voice, OTT, audio, and the Internet of Things. And we give you access to all this data all the time, every time.
Explore and understand
They have static dashboards and reports that are hard to customize, making it difficult and time-consuming to analyze your data.
We have a fully interactive dashboard that’s built for power analysts but accessible to marketers, giving you the ability to create and apply segments, set algorithm-based alerts, and build powerful visualizations all at the speed of thought.
Predict and model
Their data science is limited and difficult for everyone in the company to use and act on.
Adobe Sensei is the AI/ML layer of technology built into every product Adobe offers. In Adobe Analytics, Sensei powers features like anomaly detection and contribution analysis. These data science capabilities are made available to data analysts and marketers alike.
Share and act
Their integration with other digital services is limiting, clunky, or non-existent, making it difficult or outright impossible to turn insight into action.
As part of Adobe Experience Cloud, we offer integration with best-in-class products like Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, and Adobe Campaign, making it fast and easy to turn insight into action.