Batch and On-Demand Communications

Design, preview, generate, and deliver various types of communications, including scheduled communications like statements, on-demand communications based off of event triggers, or batch communications like privacy updates sent to all your customers.


Don’t let your last step — delivery — be an afterthought.

Staying committed to customer satisfaction takes flexibility in your communications approach, including thinking the process through from start to finish. This includes not just thinking about what you want to say, but how you’ll deliver it so you don’t get stuck with limited options for delivering your communications.

Delivery flexibility lets you choose the best automation to deliver your communication. Schedule delivery of ongoing communications like monthly statements. Identify triggers to deliver on-demand communications. Or, to provide the same one-time update to a large group, choose batch delivery. You can also set workflow rules for specific users to edit and personalize certain parts of communications before you send them out.


See what makes it work.

Automate responses
Generate and deliver thousands of personalized documents in batches, triggered by business rules that you define. This helps you reach your customers when they are most likely to engage.
Personalized delivery
Send correspondence through a customer’s preferred channel, including web, email, app, or printed copies.

Learn more about delivery flexibility in Adobe Experience Manager.

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Deliver interactive communication.

Learn how you can manage the entire process of interactive communication, from preparation to delivery.

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