Mobile-Responsive Forms

Let customers complete forms on the go on their preferred device. With Adobe Experience Manager Forms, you can create forms once, preview the look and feel across devices, and publish to any screen size.


If you want to play in the big leagues, you need a mobile home run.

Because so many tasks are done on the go, customers expect businesses to have forms that are easy to fill out — even on tiny screens with miniature keyboards. At the same time, you’re not interested in creating and managing several versions of the same form.

Mobile-responsive forms solves this problem. It lets you create one form and preview how it will look on any device. Once published it will automatically render to any screen size and your customers can complete your form on-the-go using their preferred device. Use smart fields to save time and frustration, reduce errors, and simplify the process.


Mobile forms for on-the-go conversions.

Mobile responsiveness
The adaptive form feature enables you to create a single source for a form that automatically sizes and re-flows on mobile devices.

Same look and feel
Forms create a consistent brand image by having the same theme applied across all devices.

Save and resume across channels
Allow clients to save in-progress forms and return later to complete them, even on another device.

Form field validation
Validate form fields such as phone and address and offer context-sensitive help to reduce the possibility of errors.

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