Targeted Content

Embed personalized content and offers into documents to drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities at each critical touchpoint throughout the customer journey.


Power up your customer journeys.

Every customer is on a journey — and those journeys are anything but one-size-fits-all. Miss the mark and they’re likely to veer off path. But if you meet them where they are and fulfill their unique wants and needs, you’ll create countless opportunities to engage and convert.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms uses experience targeting capabilities to accelerate the personalization process. By embedding personalized content and offers into forms and documents, this customer-driven approach encourages organic, relevant, upsell and cross-sell opportunities at each critical stage of the journey, deepening the relationship and boosting your bottom line.


See what makes it work.

Build personalized experiences
Embed relevant creative content into documents, creating meaningful and measurable experiences that improve retention through up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
Powered by Adobe Target
With the unparalleled personalization power of Adobe Target, you can set rules based on audience segment data in your CRM to personalize and optimize each customer experience.

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Make customer communications personal.

See how to generate personalized content to deliver the right experience, at the right time, in our tutorial video.

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