Adobe Experience Manager Sites Features

Site performance

Maximize the performance of your digital properties at the point of customer interaction. Edge Delivery Services lets you achieve higher page load speeds and performance scores, which are critical in increasing customer engagement and conversion.

A diagram showing how a beverage business can leverage AEM Sites to diagnose performance issues and monitor progress against Lighthouse page speed scores.

Edge architecture

Edge Delivery Services enables both Universal Editor and document-based authoring content creation tools within Experiences Manager Sites to deliver your content at the outermost edges of the network. By doing so, content is delivered closest to where the experience is consumed, reducing latency and enabling faster loading times.

Phased rendering

Edge Delivery Services offers a performance-first architecture. Intelligent rendering converts HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code into interactive and visual sections. The phased rendering algorithm ensures the most prominent parts of each page loads first, which drives higher page-load speeds, reduced bounce rates, and improved SEO ranking.

A website manager uses AEM Sites to monitor webpage performance and page load times for her online fabric business.
A digital marketer using a tablet device to monitor her site performance dashboards.

Persistent caching

Experience Manager Sites uses a caching technique to store and retrieve data so that it remains accessible across multiple sessions or requests. This caching mechanism involves saving frequently accessed elements in a way where they can be quickly retrieved when needed without having to be fetched from origin. Persistent caching avoids any delays in content loading with code or design changes.

Real-user monitoring

Built-in real-user monitoring (RUM) collects and analyzes data on how real users interact with experiences. It provides insights into actual experiences of users by monitoring their interactions in real-time, including page loading times, user interactions, and more. RUM provides proactive recommendations for improvements in case of any drops in performance scores.

A diagram showing how AEM Sites helps businesses track user experience metrics like largest contentful paint core web vitals to improve performance and user experiences across an adventure travel website.

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