Want more precise insights? Better engagement? Query your customer data.

Discover and get the most value from your customer data with Adobe Experience Platform Query Service. Derive powerful signals from ingested behavioral, CRM, point-of-sale data sources, and more.

Cleaner, richer, and more actionable data is at your fingertips.

Extend the impact of your customer data across your Experience Platform-powered applications and beyond. Explore and distill data across systems to uncover better signals for increased engagement, insights, and personalization.

Explore omnichannel customer data.
Run ad hoc queries to sample, explore, and use customer data to validate and understand the features of your data.

Distill data and derive signals to drive better actions.
Schedule batch queries to find high-value data and attributes continuously and put them to work in downstream engagement systems and workflows.

Power advanced dashboards based on your needs.
Use your curated insights to power user-defined dashboards in Adobe Real-Time CDP and various standard BI tools with PSQL integrations, like Microsoft Power BI, Excel, Tableau, Qlik, and Looker.

Work easily in a high-performance environment.
Use SQL-based tools — our freeform Query UI or your favored PSQL — and a scalable infrastructure to support large data processing with API accessibility and PSQL integrations.

Keep data privacy and governance in mind.
Seamlessly persist consumer privacy and access control policies to datasets explored or generated using Query Service.

Advanced query features to put data at the center of the customer experience.

Verify, validate, and experiment with data quickly using SQL-based ad hoc queries.

Use ANSI SQL for powerful exploration.
Work within a freeform query UI that allows you to write queries and preview query execution, making analysis faster.

Get PSL integrations into third-party clients.
Connect to the Query Service from several desktop client applications by creating a verified connection. Our guide covers using PostgreSQL tools (like DbVisualizer) and drivers to connect and write queries.

Clean, shape, manipulate, and enrich customer data with SQL-based batch queries.

Use the powerful SQL-based batch query data processing engine and get all of the following:

  • Scalable compute infrastructure
  • Productivity-enhancing features, like templates, anonymous block, snapshot incremental processing, and sampling
  • SQL functionality tailored to customized business use cases — like standard spark functions, SQL Adobe-defined functions — for time series manipulations, like pathing and window functions

Automated scheduling, alerting, and monitoring.
Operationalize data processing workflows and data governance to manage data security, usage, privacy, and audits.

Get workflows and connections for delivering and visualizing extended insights.

BI connectivity
Connect Query Service with business intelligence tools so that you can power dashboards with curated reporting data generated using Query Service.

Extend Real-Time CDP reporting data models
Build custom data models to power user-defined dashboards in Real-Time CDP or to embed in your preferred reporting framework using reporting APIs.

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