Advanced journey analytics

Map the entire customer lifecycle, see how many customers are at each stage and who’s engaging where, and quickly identify bottlenecks to optimize deal velocity.


Streamline your lead-to-revenue process through a better understanding of your customer.

There’s no longer such thing as a linear customer journey. Some customers are ready to convert at the first touchpoint, while others need to zig zag their way across the funnel a few times before they’re ready to buy. Measuring engagement at every stage of the journey can help marketing and sales capture each customer at the moment they’re ready to convert.

Adobe Marketo Engage shows you the entire customer journey and lets you connect your lead and account program data across lifecycle stages so you can see how efficiently customers are moving through your funnel. It helps you identify stages with low conversion rates where sales can intervene or where you can update content. It also helps marketing and sales coordinate their efforts through shared data and insights to make sure no customer gets left behind.


See what makes it work.

Lifecycle modeling

  • Design your customer lifecycle models with ease using the drag and drop model builder, templates, custom models, and model cloning.
  • Create reports to see how many customers are in each stage to keep track of your funnel over time and identify bottlenecks before they become a problem.

Lifecycle model integrations

  • Connect lifecycle model data to ad platforms and optimize your spending.
  • Automatically feed your conversion and stage data into Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to see where qualified leads, opportunities, and closed deals happen.

Success path analytics

  • Visualize the flow of customers and their average time spent inside each stage before they move to the next stage.
  • Examine your overall deal path with stage-by-stage velocity measurement reports.
  • View every buyer associated with a missed SLA target within a specific time frame to understand where the sales team needs to engage buyers more quickly.

Opportunity influence analytics

  • View individual sales and marketing touchpoints per opportunity in chronological order that push customers forward in their journey.
  • See a visual representation of all the touchpoints per contact and opportunity role to show marketing’s impact whether or not the contact has an assigned role in the CRM.

Phases, stages, and transitions

  • Capture every customer journey using lifecycle phases, stages, and transitions to architect linear and non-linear success paths alike.
  • Track the amount of customer traffic at each stage and automate the transitions from one phase to the next.

Advanced Journey Analytics in Adobe Marketo Engage.

Expertly navigate the nonlinear buyer’s journey.

Learn how Marketo engage can help you create seamless experiences for your customers across every touchpoint of a complex customer journey.

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