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Introducing Adobe Product Analytics.

Adobe is redefining the product analytics category by unifying customer journey insights across marketing and product teams. Optimize products in the context of the complete customer experience.

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Purpose-built analytics for product teams.

Building and maintaining superior products starts with product teams getting insight into the connected customer journey. Product Analytics, built with guided analysis workflows, helps product teams to uncover hidden insights quickly to deliver personalized experiences using unified data and customer profiles.

Allow product teams to be more informed than ever — and deliver exceptional experiences.

Self-serve answers to questions in seconds.

New guided analysis workflows help product teams understand patterns in user engagement over time, analyze user base growth, identify areas of friction across a sequence of steps, measure the impact of feature releases, discover meaningful segments to engage, and more.

Omnichannel insights that drive action.

Product teams can now look beyond their digital product to deeply understand its impact on the complete customer journey. This single customer view allows for seamless and personalized actionability with native integrations across the Adobe Experience Platform.

Use one solution for every team in the organization.

Support the data needs of analysts, marketers, and product teams in one analytics suite — using consistent data, audience, and metrics across all groups.

The latest innovations for Adobe Product Analytics

The latest innovations for Adobe Product Analytics

  • Use the funnel friction analysis to compare the conversion rates of journeys that include step options, letting brands isolate positive or negative flows in the experience.
  • Create segments on the fly based on certain trait behaviors with behavioral cohorts in segmentation.
  • Track usage trends to evaluate product success over time.
  • Leverage the retention rate view to understand return patterns within the app or digital product and better comprehend behavior and preferences.
Quickly act on insights for ongoing product optimization.


Quickly act on insights for ongoing product optimization.

Pair Product Analytics with Adobe Journey Optimizer to support enhanced in-product personalized experiences that drive growth.

  • Understand the channels that led users to your product and optimize to defined KPIs.
  • Get quicker insights using the same platform with active listening to real-time signals for better engagement.
  • Using cross-channel data, bring marketing and product teams together in an integrated authoring canvas.
  • Grow subscription revenues and decrease churn through experimentation, goal-based engagement strategies, and personalization based on enriched customer profiles.

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“We’re excited about the capabilities offered within Adobe Product Analytics and the potential it will have to enable our product teams to uncover deep subscriber insights while collaborating across teams. With this unified view of the customer journey, Adobe is empowering us with the tools to better understand our subscribers and improve customer experiences across all our streaming products.”

Lindsey Weaver, VP of Global Product Analytics, Warner Bros. Discovery

Questions? We have answers.

What is product optimization?
Product optimization is the ongoing process of making incremental improvements to an offer to make it more attractive to its established customer base as well as new prospects.
What is product analytics?
Product analytics broadly refers to the process of collecting and analyzing product data with the aim of continuously iterating and improving user experience and product performance. Product analytics software empowers organizations to look beyond their data silos to understand the complete customer journey at incredible speed, accelerating experience-lead growth.
How are guided analysis workflows used in Adobe Product Analytics?
Adobe Product Analytics enables product teams to self-serve data and insights about their product experience through guided analysis workflows built on cross-channel data of Customer Journey Analytics. Guided analysis is a reporting format that allows product teams to quickly self-serve their data needs so that they can get high-quality insights quickly and make more data-driven product decisions. Cross-functional teams can connect to use and understand these reports in real time.
Which other Adobe Experience Platform products can Product Analytics be integrated with?
Adobe Product Analytics has native integrations across the Adobe Experience Platform. Specific integrations with Adobe Journey Optimizer and Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) allow product owners to act immediately by publishing real-time audiences for activation. Once a campaign has launched, they can close the loop and fully measure its impact on their own for ongoing optimization.
What is a digital customer journey?
A digital customer journey represents a series of steps that online users take to obtain a product or service. The customer journey stages include: awareness, consideration, purchase, retention, and advocacy.

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