Content marketing and velocity.

Create, manage, and deliver relevant digital content at lightning speed.

The challenge

Customer touchpoint overload. 

Experiences matter now more than ever. Your customers expect fast, compelling content on all devices and across all channels in their path. But meeting customer expectations on their journey from awareness to advocacy is easier said than done. With the explosion of touchpoints and the ability to personalize experiences, even seasoned marketing teams struggle with content marketing at the required pace. We frequently hear comments from clients on the following issues:

“We don’t have enough content to meet our growth goals.”

Good content can help you reach new customers and earn their loyalty. But collaborating with creative departments and agencies takes time. You need a way to provide creative freedom with brand consistency and curate content from a variety of sources. 

“It’s impossible to manage the amount of content necessary for our marketing efforts.”

You piece together content stuck on hard drives or in email across a variety of silos. And it’s nearly impossible to keep track of the latest approved versions, translations, regulatory or legal updates, and expiring rights on copyrighted material. 


“I need to publish engaging content that looks good on all media in my cross-channel campaigns.”

You need a way to easily assemble and deliver rich media content without waiting for assistance from IT. This will ensure that experiences are consistent across all channels, and optimized for all screen sizes and devices. 

Be ready to meet the challenges of content marketing and velocity. The pressure is on.

44 percent

85% of marketers say they are under pressure to create assets and deliver campaigns more quickly.

41 percent

76% of marketers agree that personalization is driving an increased need for more assets.


Proving the Value of Digital Asset Management for Digital Marketers and Creative Teams, IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Adobe, June 2015.

The solution

Content marketing made for the fast lane.


Content Lethargy vs. Content Velocity.


Content lethargy happens when assets are scattered across disparate platforms and repositories, and there is no system for managing versions, approvals, and rights. The longer it takes marketers to find the right assets, the less time they have to spend on strategic, revenue-generating activities. Furthermore, wasting time on duplicate asset creation increases expenses and time to market. 


Content velocity is achieved when content creators, designers, and marketers work together to create assets, then manage and publish them from a centralized location. When content marketing is done well, you get the right assets to the right audiences as quickly as possible, capitalizing on conversion opportunities while the experience is still relevant and fresh. 

Content marketing and velocity = The ability to create, manage, and deliver content from a centralized and searchable asset repository that empowers you to move from asset creation to monetization as quickly as possible.

By developing a system to break down barriers between silos and manage content across all touchpoints, your company will:

collaboration between marketers and creatives.

 content and workflows from a centralized, searchable platform.

 dynamic experiences in rich media without relying on IT.

 new campaigns with your highest-performing assets.

You need more than content storage.


You need to make amazing customer experiences — at scale. Find out how in Articulating DAM Return on Investment.


The Adobe Advantage

Accelerate your content marketing with Adobe.


Many enterprise organizations already rely on Adobe Creative Cloud to help create content. It’s a natural extension of that experience to turn to Adobe to help manage, publish, and measure the same content. Our products can give you the tools you need to get to market faster, reduce costs and overhead, drive engagement and conversions, and reduce the risks associated with governance and non-compliance.


Adobe content marketing tools are built for your success:

  • Reduce creative production and storage costs. 

  • Reduce time to market for new campaign and product launches.

  • Reduce compliance costs and usage disputes.
  • Increase conversions with more engaging, targeted experiences.


You will be able to acquire and manage content from a variety of sources — whether you build content with creative tools, buy assets on commission or from stock portfolios, or borrow content generated by your customers. After consolidating your content in a central location, you will be able to easily inject your messages everywhere, targeting various audiences across a variety of channels with dynamic media delivery. Additional Adobe Experience Cloud solutions will help you measure the success of specific assets, so you can optimize your campaigns with the most compelling content.


Make your content work harder with these four steps:

content to a central location.

audience segments with dynamic media delivery.

the success of specific assets.

campaigns with the most compelling content.

Customer story

Enriching the journey.


By working with Adobe’s cloud-based asset management services, Hyatt provides its associates with access to 70,000 approved images from properties across the globe. Now, content creators and marketers can find and use branded images and data with confidence, wherever they may be.

Ahmed Elemam

“Adobe…enables us to distribute authoring responsibilities across the company, while maintaining a branded look.”


Frank Breithaupt

Director of eCommerce and Marketing Systems, Hyatt

Hyatt uses Adobe’s content marketing platform to:

  • Control branding by providing access to over 70,000 assets from a central location

  • Provide detailed meta tags to content creators, so they can easily find the assets they need
  • Use simple tools to create and update website content more efficiently and accurately

  • Test and quantify the impact of website changes, increasing traffic and revenue

Deliver personalized and relevant content at the speed of business.


The ability to maximize conversions and develop loyal customers starts with controlling your content. When you increase content velocity, you’ll have the power to deliver relevant and consistent experiences across all channels and touchpoints at the right time — when interest is piqued and the odds of conversion are highest.

Your content strategy keeps pace with business needs.

You  can access content from a variety of sources.

You use technology to customize and optimize content use.


Achieve Content Velocity.

Take control of your content — and the speed at which it’s created — to open the door to customer loyalty.

Let's talk about what Adobe Experience Cloud can do for your business.