Device Graphs

Understand the people behind the devices by using both deterministic and probabilistic device-linking methods. Build a device graph using first-party logged-in data with Profile Link or extend your reach with an external device graph.

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Today’s advertising technology makes it easy for you to send personalised messages to targeted devices. But devices don’t buy products — people do. And you need to reach those people on all of their devices so you can avoid sending mixed messages and delivering disjointed experiences. 

With a device graph you can map a set of IDs to define groups of devices and then associate those devices with a person or household. You’ll receive a complete understanding of your customers’ devices and get larger audience segments to target in real-time. And you can create customised and consistent experiences for every interaction — no matter which screen is used.

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Profile Link
Build your own deterministic device graph using first party sources, such as CRM records or authentication events online.

External device graphs
Work with external partners to onboard their device level data that uses probabilistic or deterministic linking methods.

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Discover the power of device linking.

Learn how to link devices and deliver consistent experiences with device graph in our Help section.

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Identity management

Define how devices are stitched together, either at the user or household level to focus or expand targeting parameters. Based on the profile rules you set, you can manage identities and deliver a consistent experience across devices.

Data ingestion

Incorporate online and off-line data from brand interactions and exposures across touchpoints, including CRM, customer IDs, call centres, point of sale, IOT devices, set-top boxes and more.

Data privacy controls

Use built-in controls to prevent the activation of data in ways that may violate data privacy or user agreements. You control how data gets used and which data sources and destinations can be tied to personally identifiable information.


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