Embedded Charts

Embed personalised interactive charts into communications and statements by connecting your data sources to increase engagement and retention in critical customer communications. Easily publish these charts and across both web and print channels.

Engage visually. Communicate effectively. 

As a marketer, you have to consider how and when to use static text and visual elements. The information you share with customers often requires concise, direct language. But without visual representation of the information, it’s difficult to engage customers in meaningful ways. Incorporating both static text and visual elements is critical to a better customer experience.

With Adobe Experience Manager Forms, it’s easy to embed personalised, interactive charts into your documents. Choose from a variety of chart types, including pie, column, dot, bar and more, to display important two-dimensional information in critical customer communications. Easily publish these charts across both web and print channels from the same reusable fragment.

See what makes it work.

See what makes it work.

Various chart styles
Drag and drop out-of-the-box components into any communication. Configure and style them however you want, using various types of charts.

Multi-channel components
Save time by reuse the same configured components on both web and print versions of the same communication.

Customised charts
Personalise and scale experiences to each customer by connecting your charts to data sources.

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See what security looks like.

Unlock chart components.

See how you can use charts in your adaptive forms and documents to visually represent your data in our Help section.

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