Real-time Customer Profile

Brands need a 360-degree customer profile updated in real time to ensure personalised engagement in the context of their customer journey across channels and interactions.

See what makes Real-time Customer Profile work.

        Data ingestion

  • Enhance a unified customer profile with data streamed in real time or batch updates.

        Identity resolution

  • Connect the customer identity dots across datasets by stitching together data from your sources using customer identities from each dataset.


        Intuitive audience designer

  • A visual canvas to create, rank and enrich audiences for personalised real-time journeys or campaigns.

        Central cross-channel profile

  • Ingest data about a customer across multiple touchpoints and merge it into a single, central and constantly updated customer profile.

        Dynamic segmentation

  • Move your customers in and out of your audiences and journeys dynamically in real-time as your customer profiles update.

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Build end-to-end customer journeys with real-time customer views.

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