Infuse actionable data and insights into every experience.

In the year ahead, understanding customers better through data and insights tops technology priorities as business leaders focus on creating unified experiences that nail down the wow factor. Based on research from a global study, Econsultancy and Adobe show you why in Digital Trends: Data Insights and Audiences in Focus. 

Businesses must set data and insights high on their list of priorities.

Building customer loyalty is a full-time job. Businesses should continually connect real-time data across channels to create deeper customer connections. In 2023, the companies that prioritise their analytics capabilities will deliver the customised content and seamless experiences customers are craving.

Research by Econsultancy and Adobe highlights the gravity of data and insights, such as how:

  • Completely understanding the customer relies on connecting online and off-line data. 
  • Improving analytics resources is key to using customer data more efficiently in the moment.
  • Senior executives rate more action-driven data and insights within their top three tech priorities for 2023.

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