Advertising is more than commercials. It’s opportunity.

Data is a huge part of modern advertising. But data alone isn’t enough. With our advanced video advertising, you can combine data with Adobe Primetime technology to deliver better ad experiences for viewers, better performance to your advertisers, and better yield for your ad inventory.

A new world of advertising.    

Data and advertising technology are evolving, transforming the advertising industry. For programmers and pay-TV operators, that has huge implications.

It means your customers demand better performance from their ad investments. They want to use data and modern advertising technology to better target their ads and boost their ROI. On top of that, your audience has more ad-free viewing options than ever before. And if you make them watch too many irrelevant ads, you create a poor viewing experience that could drive them away.

Most importantly, your digital video ad inventory is precious, so you need to make sure you’re getting optimal yield from your demo-based ad sales. And keep in mind that if your ad insertion is unreliable during complex situations like major live events, it can lead to huge revenue losses — losses you can’t recover from.

Adobe can help.

Adobe Primetime is built to help you use data and leading-edge ad technology to increase the yield of your digital video ad inventory. No wonder we’ve attracted some of the world’s largest media companies to rely on Adobe Primetime to deliver TV-quality, targeted experiences — even during their most complex, high-profile live events.

With Adobe Primetime, there’s no need to look beyond the data you already have. Adobe Primetime uses Adobe Analytics and Adobe Sensei machine learning to help you activate your own data for better ad targeting. This helps you dramatically cut waste for your video ad campaigns sold against key demos across virtually every device.

Features like Dynamic Ad Insertion and Ad Currency Optimization help you deliver smooth, personalized ad experiences that cut waste and boost your bottom line. 

And because we’re an independent third party and not a publisher, you know you can trust us to truly help you succeed.

Features that drive advertising revenue

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Create smooth ad experiences without buffering or playback errors, and deliver TV-quality, personalized ad experiences to your viewers.

Ad Currency Optimization

With Currency Optimization, you can use machine learning to significantly cut waste for ad campaigns sold against third-party measured demos.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Primetime can do for your business.