How Adobe Real-Time CDP compares to other customer data platforms.

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Purpose-built to enable real-time action, Adobe goes beyond other CDPs.

Some vendors tout real-time data, advanced segmentation, and hundreds of integrations. Others hype capabilities for insights, consumer privacy, and data governance. Adobe gives you all that and more.

  • A cloud based solution that allows you to make enterprise-wide data available and actionable in real time.
  • Enablement of real-time customer (B2C) and account (B2B) profiles for activation and personalization at scale.
  • An architecture purpose built to power real-time use cases at scale.
  • Tools for data stewards across marketing and IT teams that help streamline data governance, honor consumer privacy, and secure customer data — from ingestion to activation.

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Here’s what you get with Adobe versus others.

Capabilities some may claim
Other solutions
Adobe Real-Time CDP
Complete customer profile
Profiles that don’t store known and unknown data and may lack granular data governance controls, so they end up being just enhanced versions of existing views.
Real-Time Customer Profile enables you to use dynamic people and account profiles using both known and unknown data from across sources, alongside privacy, governance, security and identity controls.
Real-time data
Data latency, batch data ingestion, and integrations with partners result in out-of-date customer experiences.
People and account profiles designed to supply a view of your customer today, not two days ago, with real-time data streaming through productized connectors.
Activation of customer data
Limited or superficial prebuilt integrations make it challenging to activate with key partners without IT support. Additionally, often there’s restricted access to profiles in batch systems for custom integrations.
Access to real-time and batch data activation capabilities through prebuilt B2B and B2C connections, with streaming APIs and SDKs available to build bespoke integrations with internal or external systems as needed, enabling collection to activation in milliseconds.
Both B2B and B2C support
Other solutions may lack B2B support and unified account profiles or require the purchase of multiple CDPs or instances, increasing cost and complexity.
Ability to simultaneously combine consumer and business buyer data into a single profile using one CDP to support both your B2C and B2B businesses.
B2B data and account-based marketing use cases
Repurposed technology and data models, and the lack of unified account profiles may severely limit scale, data, and usability for B2C and B2B use cases.
Adobe’s Experience Data Model (XDM) was intentionally designed to support and unify B2B data into account profiles that include primary data objects, including lead, contact, account, opportunity, buying groups, and more, to power account-based experiences for business buyers.
Predictive insights
Limited in-product analysis opportunities that often require external integrations or data science add-ons to achieve business intelligence and analytics. New visitor records may be created after session end, which negates the ability to personalize in-session events.
In-product, real-time AI-driven insights enabled at the profile level give the ability to improve segmentation, personalization, and B2C and B2B sales opportunities through predictive propensity scores and contextual insights, enabling a deeper understanding of your customer.
Secure and responsible data
May rely on users to perform data governance tasks before bringing data into the CDP, causing latencies and preventing real-time experiences.
Ability to leverage built-in patented data usage labeling and policy enforcement framework, enhanced options for data minimization, and support for regulation readiness such as honoring data subject requests at scale as defined by GDPR.
Connection to Adobe applications
Other solutions may not prioritize integrations with Adobe applications, resulting in more code to manage, latencies, and potentially duplicative workflows between systems.
Native integrations with Adobe applications designed to provide streamlined deployment, seamless data transfer, single sign-on, and consistent UI experiences.
Connection to third-party applications
Limited prebuilt connectors and batch capabilities to develop custom integrations reduce the scope of data sources for ingestion or destinations for personalization.
Prebuilt source and destination integrations with leading vendors across CRM, cloud storage, databases, analytics, advertising, mobile engagement, and more. APIs available to build bespoke integrations with additional internal and external systems.
Advanced IT support
Excessive marketing requests and technical integrations may strain IT personnel and financial resources.
Prebuilt integrations with existing tech designed to give marketers streamlined workflows and free up IT personnel and resources to focus on other strategic projects.
Partner Data Support
Many don’t have the established relationships nor data governance capabilities to support partner data enhancements.
Execute upper-funnel marketing in Real-Time CDP, with partner-sourced prospect profiles and partner IDs to reach new customers and enrich your first-party data.
Audience Creation and Management
Limited sources and destinations, limited support for both B2C and B2B customers, and limited speed creates latency for audience creation and activation.
Create and manage actionable audiences for your entire enterprise, in one place from any source, with standard controls.
Account Based Segmentation
Many claim to have capabilities to support B2B data management but lack the capabilities to deliver beyond basic CDP functionality.
Segment audiences of accounts using unified person, account, and opportunity data to create the most refined, accurate and real-time audience segments for account-based marketing

Gartner names Adobe a Leader in its 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Experience Platforms report for the 6th year in a row.

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