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“To win in today’s world, every business has to transform themselves to

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Shantanu Narayen, CEO at Adobe

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E-Guide | Adobe

It’s time for a holistic approach to the customer experience

Today’s marketers face plenty of challenges – centralised teams and poor internal communication can create bottlenecks and lead to myopic decision-making. Adobe’s data, insights, and audience solutions focus on a set of essential tasks: connecting data points, analyzing insights, activating data, and personalizing experiences.

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E-Guide | Adobe

Content personalisation at scale: it’s easier than you think

Customers’ demand increases like an ant building its sandhill. But as a marketer in the retail industry, you can channel those demands and create a funnel to meet these demands. But don’t shy away from thinking it’s something unachievable. Breaking down these challenges into four pillars every retail marketer can easily climb and conquer easily is here.

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Retail's most important inventory

The most powerful tool for creating personalised retail experiences, both online and in-store, is data. It’s important to build a strong first- and second-party data foundation. Read Data: Retail’s most important inventory to learn how to create a strong first- and second-party data foundation to reap the rewards.

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