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“To win in today’s world, every business has to transform themselves to
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Industry Report | Adobe

The State of Personalization in Retail & Travel.

Personalizing a traveller’s journey is an essential component for competing in the age of the ‘what I want when I want’ consumerism. Despite being the stated strategic goal of most, few have come close to achieving it. On average less than half of the entire traveller’s journey is personalized.

We believe personalization at scale could be a great way towards this goal. In this report, we have dived into the world of travel and looked into its current state of personalization. Curious how Booking.com stacks up against its competitors?

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Report | Adobe

It’s time for a holistic approach to the customer experience.

Today’s marketers in the travel industry face plenty of challenges – centralised teams and poor internal communication can create bottlenecks and lead to myopic decision-making. Data silos limit teams’ abilities to develop a holistic understanding of their brand’s customer experience. Cross-channel activation of insights is seldom standardised and syndicated, making it impossible to deliver consistent customer experiences.

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How to tailor a picture-perfect customer profiles.

The travel industry thrives on personalization, but with personalization comes the risk with the customer data. It’s important to build a trust bridge between the consumer and the marketer. This can be done by acting on real-time insights, personalized responses and focusing on the right matter at right time. Understanding the difference between buyer persona and customer profile is one of the hurdles a travel marketer can jump on.

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Content Personalization at scale: it’s easier than you think

Customers’ demand increases like an ant building its sandhill. But as a marketer in the travel industry, you can channel those demands and create a funnel to meet these demands. But don’t shy away from thinking it’s something unachievable. Breaking down these challenges into four pillars every travel marketer can easily climb and conquer easily is here.

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