Voice Assistant Analytics

Voice-enabled devices make life easier for consumers. But for brands, it’s been a challenge — until now. With Adobe Analytics, you can now deliver more personalized customer experiences through voice-based interfaces by capturing and analyzing voice data for all major platforms, including Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Samsung Bixby.

They Speak. You Listen.

Increasingly sophisticated AI voice assistant platforms and the growing potential use cases they can assist in are driving consumers to increase their adoption. For brands, voice-based apps present many new challenges, like delivering on-brand experiences without visual cues, providing highly relevant answers to user queries, and effectively tying voice interactions to the rest of the journey in order to drive engagement and conversion.

With Adobe Analytics for voice assistants, you and your product teams can now easily optimize voice-app development, increase engagement, and understand the impact of voice in the context of the overall customer experience.

Key Metrics for Voice

Capture key data points for voice assistants, like frequency of use, intent, user authentication, slots, parameters, and session length to understand how users are interacting with your voice assistant app.

Omnichannel Tracking

View voice assistant app data alongside all other channel data to get a holistic view of customer interactions across the journey with your brand.

Anomaly Detection

With the help of Adobe Sensei machine learning, use Analytics to spot statistically significant spikes or dips in your data across any metric.

Unlimited Real-Time Segmentation

Build concise visitor segments that can be compared to one another to identify new segments, insights, and opportunities.

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Anomaly detection

Statistical modeling automatically finds unexpected trends in your data by analyzing metrics and determining a lower bound, upper bound, and expected range of values. When an unexpected spike or drop occurs, the system alerts you in the report.

Flow analysis

Fallout and flow analysis shows where visitors left or continued through a predefined sequence of pages. Our visualizations let you compare segments, rearrange funnel steps, mix and match values, and more.

Advanced segmentation

Our Segmentation IQ feature allows you to discover the most statistically significant differences among an unlimited number of segments through an automated analysis of every metric and dimension. Automatically uncover key characteristics of the segments that are driving your company’s KPIs.

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