Metadata and Properties

Define required properties for a page, from titles and tags to language and page thumbnails, including properties connected with a live copy. View and edit metadata for content fragments, such as title, description, tags, and thumbnail.

Customizing your web page just got a lot simpler.

You have a vision. You know what you want your web page to look like, what social media sharing options you want on it, and the system for tagging your content fragments with metadata all figured out. Now it’s time to bring it all to life.

With Adobe Experience Manager Sites, the power to define your web pages is at your fingertips. You can create and customize properties for your pages, from the title to the thumbnail. Then customize further by editing metadata for content fragments and customizing the title, description, and any tags. You can use a simple fragment, or create your own with structured content. It’s all up to you.

See what makes it work.

See what makes it work.

Define required page properties
Easily access and edit the properties you need on the page, like titles and subheadings.

Edit multiple pages
Save time and select several pages to bulk edit multiple page properties.

Customize advanced properties
Templates, logins, and page languages are all simple to define and adjust to your preferences.

Add content fragments and customize metadata
Quickly add content to pages by using archived content fragments. Change the metadata to suit the current use.

Learn more about metadata and properties in Adobe Experience Manager Sites.

Customize page properties.

Customize page properties.

Learn how to edit required and advanced page properties to create dynamic webpages in our Help section. 

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Multi-site management

Control your mobile and web properties from one platform, maintaining brand identity across campaigns and messaging. Let business users across geographies update region-specific changes to maintain relevance.

Content fragments

Design, create, curate, and use page-independent text along with associated media, making it easy to reuse copy without having to cut and paste or rewrite it.

Version control

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Let’s talk about

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