Adobe Experience Platform Query Service

Discover the story your data wants to tell with customer data analytics.

With Adobe Experience Platform Query Service, you can pull all your stored customer datasets — including behavioral, CRM, point-of-sale data, and more — into one place, and run fast, petabyte-scale customer data analytics. to discover the story behind customer behavior and generate impactful insights using a BI tool of your choice.

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Access customer data faster.

Reduce time traditionally required to enable SQL access to omnichannel customer data with fast real-time data collection.

Drive better actions with richer customer insights.

Integrate insights directly into personalized experiences and omnichannel campaigns in real time.

Enjoy omnichannel customer data analytics.

Enable visualization of query results with a wide range of standard BI tools for all users, ranging from Microsoft Power BI, Excel, Tableau, Qlik, and Looker.

Work easily in petabytes.

Expect high availability, autoscaling, and multilatency from this enterprise-grade SaaS that offers high performance at petabyte scale along with built-in data governance.

Query Service Features

Set your data free.

Query Service has centralized data access, an open architecture, direct SQL access, and AI/ML capabilities for data preparation, giving you better insights from your customer data faster. And you can automate and optimize your query analysis, even with petabytes of data.

Integrate enterprise data with ease with ANSI SQL access to all raw and processed data ingested into Platform.

Build or integrate with analytics or machine learning applications using standard ODBC/JDBC interfaces.

Realize value faster on SQL analytics-based use cases without data movement with direct SQL access to Adobe Experience Cloud solutions data.

Access Query Service functions inside Experience Platform Data Science Workspace, enabling data exploration and preparation for AI/ML algorithm design.

Use Adobe-defined functions (sessionization, identity resolution, attribution) or define your own custom functions to automate common analytics tasks for omnichannel analysis.

Get high performance analytics at petabyte scale with optimizations like bloom filters, data compactions, clustering, and small partitions.

Build scorecards and dashboards tailored for your business with integration with multiple BI tools.

Built-in data governance ensures compliance with regulations and complete access control on analytical results sets.

Work within a freeform query UI that allows you to write queries and preview query execution that makes analysis faster.

Apply data to a schema as it’s pulled out of storage, so you can analyze that same data in multiple ways without need for transformation.


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