Multichannel Data Collection

We offer multiple ways to capture data from virtually any source (i.e., web, email, campaigns, web-based kiosks, mobile devices, client-server applications and most applications that access the Internet).


Future-proof your channel analytics.

Today’s customers interact with your brand with an ever-growing number of devices and through an ever-expanding number channels. This makes it increasingly difficult to analyse your customer’s behaviour across the whole journey.

With Adobe Analytics, this isn’t a problem. You can integrate data from nearly any source. And our flexible data collection methods make sure that you’ll be able to collect data from new channels that are sure to come. Anything you can connect to an API, Adobe can collect and process data from so you can analyse behaviours across the entire customer journey.


Use JavaScript tags to collect data from web sites and other web-based systems. A client-side JavaScript code you place on your web pages sends page, browser and visitor data to Analytics.

Mobile or other devices

Our AppMeasurement libraries provide a mechanism for data collection when the JavaScript tag method isn’t compatible with the device, application or system to be tracked. We have AppMeasurement libraries for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), rich media (Flash-Flex, Silverlight) and other languages/frameworks (Java, .NET, PHP, XML). All of these libraries leverage the Data Insertion API to pass data to reporting, which can also be used for batch uploads or delayed data collection.

Get comprehensive and predictive insights that help you to maximise the return on mobile investments with Adobe Mobile App Analytics.

Off-line and third-party data

Use Data Sources to upload off-line metrics and to import data from other digital marketing systems, such as your email or ad serving vendor. In the upload process, you specify and map the metrics and data dimensions to particular customised variables for reporting and analysis purposes.


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