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Adobe Workfront
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Connect strategy to delivery
Aligns your strategic initiatives to the work being done in your organisation, so every project and task contributes to your company objectives.
Tactical task management partitions individual projects and can keep critical teams occupied with misaligned or low-value work.
Iteratively plan and prioritise
Having full transparency into what’s in-flight and strategically aligned allows for agile planning and informed decision making, so you can easily adapt as priorities or conditions change.
Legacy planning cycles are too long and rigid for rapid market shifts.
Personalise and automate work
Configure to processes and styles to the way your teams work, ensuring that each individual team has a system in place that fits their needs and talents.
Uniform processes and styles limit creativity, making it harder to deliver unique or innovative value.
Track and audit approvals
Real-time collaboration and automated tracking deliver error-free work.
Inconsistent standards can lead to time-consuming rework and costly compliance breaches.
Control and govern data
Your critical data is secure, protected and shared with only the right people.
Poor governance and security puts the business and your customers, at risk.
Drive decisions with data
Have accurate, real-time data so you can make the right call every time.
Outdated or incomplete data generates less reliable results and misguided decision-making.
Integrate applications and systems
Work flows freely across the enterprise by automating processes and connecting systems, data repositories and teams.
Multiple disconnected point solutions often end up deepening organisational silos and complicating workflows.


“Workfront is really about working smarter, allowing us to work faster and more efficiently. It’s so adaptable that any business group can easily customise and use it.”

Jenna Shiba
Marketing Operations Manager, Fender

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