Take strategy from vision to action to results

It’s easy for strategy to be disconnected from day-to-day work and hard to keep everyone in the know. Workfront helps you to define strategy, roll it out to your entire organisation and then connect it to the planning, assigning and delivery of work — so your teams can focus on the work that matters.


Even the best laid plans can get lost in the day-to-day

Most companies have a set of high-level goals that they aspire to. But when it comes to planning and prioritising work, many only focus on answering the immediate questions of who, when and how work gets done. If your team has trouble answering why they’re working on a project, their work becomes directionless and worse, organisations have trouble reaching their goals. To grow, you need a clear plan and your entire organisation needs to be brought on board.

The right work management solution should make it easy to define a strategy and connect it to your workflow, helping you to pick the projects that most align with that strategy. The results: more meaningful, higher quality work with less overspending and wheel spinning.

Adobe can help

Adobe can help

With Adobe Workfront, not only can you define your strategic goals, but you can iterate and improve on that strategy as priorities shift. Then you can easily roll out your vision to the rest of your organisation, align your teams and connect work to the greater goal.

Here’s how Workfront helps create a clear strategic plan:

Define your strategy
Create a clear strategy even with minimal input. As you gather more information and data, your strategy becomes more defined.

Scenario planning
Compare different “what if” scenarios to find the best path forward, balancing the realities of resourcing and budgets with your company’s long-term strategic goals.

Automated work prioritisation
Compare each work request against your defined goals and to help prioritise which jobs get assigned first so you can keep the highest value work at the front of the line.

Real-time goal tracking
Show teams how the work they do supports your strategic plan. Workfront tracks progress towards your business goals and highlights what assignments are making the biggest impact.


“Strategy and execution can’t be done in isolation. Goals and Scenario Planner will connect these processes, giving us the ability to iteratively prioritise and plan, while ensuring every person involved in the associated work knows exactly where to focus their efforts. In today’s fast-changing environment, achieving this kind of agility and focus is absolutely critical.”


Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Administration

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