FedRAMP and Adobe Experiences that connect

The Federal Risk and Authorisation Management Programme (FedRAMP) provides a standardised approach to security assessment, authorisation and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.

To see what Adobe solutions have FedRAMP certification view the list on this page or click here for Adobe on FedRAMP.. 

Announcing the Adobe Government Creativity Awards

Submit your entry by 7/3 to the world’s premier creativity and design competition for government professionals.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEMMS-GC)  is a content and experience management platform for delivering digital cross-channel customer experiences. Click to view on FedRAMP

Adobe Connect Managed Services (ACMS-GC) offers immersive online meeting experiences for collaboration, large scale webinars and virtual classrooms. Click to view on FedRAMP

Adobe Document Cloud (PDF Services & Adobe Sign) is a complete portfolio of secure digital document solutions that speeds business and drives better customer experiences by making manual, paper-based processes 100% digital. Click to view on FedRAMP

Adobe Creative Cloud provides the ability to create and collaborate efficiently with connected desktop and mobile apps. Click to view on FedRAMP

Adobe Captivate Prime allows Learning and Development teams to drive personalised learning experiences for the employees and partners of their organisation, across multiple devices. Click to view on FedRAMP.

Adobe Analytics ingests targeted website traffic and executes robust reporting and analytics based on customisable configurations. Click to view on FedRAMP.

Adobe Campaign allows customers to configure, manage and customise email marketing campaigns. Click to view on FedRAMP

Transform your agency’s digital experiences

Your agency can save significant time, costs and resources when you take advantage of our FedRAMP-authorised solutions. Secure, cloud-based solutions provide the scalability and speed your agency needs to modernise their digital and web services.

We’re leading the way in FedRAMP-authorised solutions

Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise and Adobe Document Cloud are FedRAMP Li-SaaS-authorised solutions. Managed Services for Adobe Connect and Adobe Experience Manager are FedRAMP authorised at the moderate impact level.

Cloud services are the way of the future

Adopting a FedRAMP-authorised cloud-based solution helps your agency reduce costs through shared services, empower employees and more easily keep pace with public needs. Managed Services helps you to exceed expectations and deliver experiences that are personal and efficient.

FedRAMP CSPs are required to meet security standards and are verified by third-party assessments. This process ensures that solutions always meet the highest security standards and best quality. 

Solutions are maintained in the cloud with updates and back-ups delivered to save time and reduce use and cost of internal IT resources.

Cloud solutions are already “up and running” compared to on-premises solutions, which can take months to implement.

Easily scale up as operational and storage needs increase, and always have an updated solution at your disposal.

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