Attribution and Measurement

Use measurement solutions from industry leaders like Nielsen to get the full scope of a campaign’s performance both online and offline. Gain actionable insights with easy access to real-time campaign data and custom reports.


Be successful at measuring campaign success.

You have the marketing tools and key players like designers, developers, business strategists, and content specialists to deliver exceptional experiences to your customers. But gaining a deeper understanding of their work’s success — the impact that different audiences and campaigns contribute to conversions or actions — can be elusive.

With attribution and measurement tools, you can glean context-rich insights from your campaigns within the DSP. Our proprietary tools and partnerships with offline sales measurement solutions give you the full scope of the success of your campaigns.


See what makes it work.

Comprehensive real-time reporting
Gain actionable insights down to the site level with real-time data in your analytics dashboard. Over 70 metrics give you an overview of your campaigns, including geographic snapshots of where your ads ran, and on-target audience demographics verified by Nielsen DAR, comScore vCE, and more.

Custom reports
Build reports based on specific campaign dimensions and metrics that matter most for your objectives. Select from pre-built templates or customize your own. You can easily schedule reports to deliver directly to your key stakeholder on a regular basis.

More access to offline sales data
See the full scope of a campaign performance — including what happens offline — with data from third-party offline sales measurement partners, such as Nielsen, DLX, and Mastercard.

Multi-touch attribution
Access attribution reporting for DSP data — display, video, and native (along with Search data touchpoints) — across any of six single and multi-touch models. Attribution pathing allows you to understand the contribution to a desired action from each of these individual touchpoints.

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