Data Privacy Controls

Use built-in controls to prevent the activation of data in ways that may violate data privacy or user agreements. You control how data gets used, who uses it, and which data sources and destinations can be tied to personally identifiable information.


Keep their data. Gain their trust.

Your users trust you with their data. And your partners put their trust in you, too. Personally identifiable information (PII) needs to be handled carefully and not used in ways that violate your customer’s trust. That’s why it’s important to have a data management platform with a focus on data privacy, compliance, and governance.

In Adobe Audience Manager, all PII is anonymized before it enters the platform, and you can control which data sources and destinations can be tied to PII. The controls prevent activating data in ways that break your privacy and user agreements. You set the levels of permissions for each type of users and ensure sensitive data sources are blocked from some user groups.


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Data-level control
Set how each piece of data can legally be used. By classifying the information you have at this level, you know the data is only sent to destinations that don’t violate any requirements — whether from the customer, your partners, or regulatory bodies.

Destination usage
Data export labels prevent sending data segments with restricted traits to a destination. Set multiple labels to cookies and URL destinations.

Customize roles
Role-based access controls let you set which which features and data sources, partners, and agencies can access.

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