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Quickly transform raw customer experience data into valuable insights with embedded AI services that help improve segmentation, attribution and more.

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All the data in the world isn’t worth much if you can’t act on it.

Succeeding in the digital economy depends on data. But it doesn’t end there. Insights are what really power engaging, personalised customer experiences. Finding those insights means having a dedicated data science team sifting through mountains of data to find valuable trends or anomalies and then marketing teams making recommending actions based on their findings. Sadly, all this work is quickly out of date because of the pace of digital events. But not every company has a data science team at its disposal. What’s more, having teams dependant on each other slows both down — and ultimately results in slow time to market for the next great customer experience.

To stay competitive, companies need a way to do the heavy lifting of scouring customer data to uncover insights, anomalies and trends without an army of interdependent teams.

Adobe can help.

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics uses advanced machine learning (ML) and AI capabilities to uncover insights along the entire customer journey, from first touch to final conversion. With services designed specifically for marketers, analysts and content creators, it’s easy to apply AI to everyday tasks like attribution, optimising ad spend and weighting metrics. With AI, you spend less time digging through data — and more time acting on all those new insights.

Here’s how AI can help you make sense of all your data:

Improve segmentation - Use AI to identify “like” audiences across different phases of the customer journey and create new, more valuable audience segments.

Rapid-action plan evaluation - Test how specific changes to different channels, placements or audience segments affects your overall business goals.

Marketing optimisation - Quickly and predictively find the most effective channels and touchpoints and redirect budget to maximise their value.

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“Reference customers were most impressed by Adobe’s robust data visualisation capabilities. Adobe recently introduced Customer AI, an AI service on Adobe Experience Platform that enables users to build customised propensity models without code.”

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Find statistically significant differences across all your data automatically and segment users accordingly or dig in to learn what’s contributing to anomalies. Get in-app error alerts when purchases spike or dip.

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Pinpoint channels that lead to conversions.

Use the attribution model to compare marketing channels and get precise reports on the ones responsible for specific conversion events — across any period and metric.

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Measure test outcomes and how they affect your goals.

Evaluate the lift and confidence of any experiment from any source, online or off-line. Understand the cause-and-effect relationships between customer interactions and how they drive specific outcomes.

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