Native Creative Cloud connection — a win for marketers and creatives.

Native Creative Cloud connection makes it easier for your creatives to create, your marketers to market, and both to work together. With built-in connectivity, creative teams can find assets from within their Creative Cloud apps, and marketers can collaborate and manage from within the DAM.

Connect, create, and collaborate within the Creative Cloud.

Creatives and marketers can speak their own language with faster, more dynamic results

The high-velocity content delivery that powers today’s digital experiences means your creatives and marketers are under pressure to do more, faster. But creative teams often struggle sifting through DAMs to find assets that need editing, and marketers shouldn’t have to learn Photoshop or InDesign just leave feedback for designers.

Enter Adobe Asset Link, the tool that lets creatives quickly pull assets from the DAM, make changes in Creative Cloud applications, and easily return them, automatically updating the version history. This lets creatives find the content they need, use the tools they enjoy, and it eliminates email-driven workflows, speeding the creation and review process, and accelerating experience delivery.

Adobe can help.

Adobe can help

Adobe Experience Manager Assets is the only DAM that provides deep, built-in connectivity across Creative Cloud applications. With unique services that make it easier for creatives and marketers to collaborate, we help you accelerate the creation of great content — and its delivery across the Adobe Cloud or third-party teams. Your IT department wins too, with our new cloud-native architecture that ensures your DAM is always current with the latest feature upgrades.

Native Creative Cloud connection features

InDesign Server

Assets templates provide a dedicated workspace that empower you to make changes to InDesign documents without ever having to leave the DAM.

Adobe Asset Link

Transform the way creatives and marketers work together by speeding up content creation. Asset Link allows teams to design, revise, review and approve any asset (housed in Experience Manager Assets) directly in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, or InDesign CC.

Asset check-out

Check out an asset and lock it so only you can edit, annotate, publish, or move it until you check it back in, ensuring no one can override your changes while you're working.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.

C3 Creative code and content

“From the content creators’ and marketing managers’ perspectives, it has the most integrated set of tools that help us manage nearly every aspect of complex digital marketing projects. With a single interface, marketers can publish ads, gather data, and configure workflows for much greater efficiency.” 

Andreas Maser, Executive Director of Technology, C3 Creative Code and Content