Reporting and dashboards

Keep everyone informed in real-time with centralised reporting and dashboards that provides multiple views and filters that let you easily customise reports and automatically route them to different stakeholders.


Make the right decisions with real-time reporting.

Making the right decision quickly is critical to growth. However the bigger companies become, the harder it is to wrangle increasingly complex information — especially in a meaningful way. And getting the right information to the right people at the right time is harder when teams are bogged down manually building reports.

Workfront’s reporting tools makes it easy to create any number of customised reports and dashboards using real-time data, while work automations deliver them to the people who need them most. Whether it’s the executive team looking for big-picture updates or marketing identifying project resource gaps, data is easily filtered and combined to give visibility into high-level progress or specific aspects of work and business. Now executives can make data-driven decisions based on up to date data, project managers can resolve oncoming bottlenecks before they happen and the whole team stays on track.


See what makes it work.

Real-time data
Real-time updates on individual projects and resources let you respond to critical issues quickly, using the most accurate data.

Unlimited number of built-in or customised reports
Create any number work-specific reports that can be instantly accessed or sent to the right stakeholders.

Automated report delivery
Specify who gets which reports when, then let Workfront automations deliver them so the whole team has visibility.

User-friendly customisable dashboards
An intuitive dashboard lets you toggle between multiple views, including summary, details, charts and filters and includes role-based privacy controls.

Cloud-driven accessibility
Up To Date reports are available across devices and locations so decision makers always have accurate data.

Unified, automated reporting
Automate data between applications and systems of record for unified and accurate reporting.

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Learn the basics of Workfront reporting to unleash unlimited customisations

Watch this short video to learn about the three basic elements of Workfront reporting; filters, views and groupings. These elements can be combined in dozens of ways to customise your reports.

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