Personalized retail experiences win

Retail isn’t just about buying. It’s about building emotional connections. That’s why successful retailers create personalized experiences that stand out — experiences that are in sync with the customer at every moment on any channel. And they do it with data, content, and AI — all focused on the customer.

Cooking up recipes for retail success

Read Five Essential Recipes for Retail Success to learn how retailers are creating memorable, personalized customer experiences both online and in store. Plus, get tips on stocking your own tech stack pantry with the freshest ingredients for success.

Changing the future of digital experiences

In 2020, businesses had to pivot and make changes to meet the needs of customers with more human experiences to keep them engaged. Read what Forrester Consulting’s research says worked and learn how to take advantage of new opportunities.

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The State of Personalization in Retail and Travel

Find out why the retail and travel industries are falling behind in digital personalization, and what can be learned from leaders taking the initiative in today’s business climate.

Build multi-channel commerce experiences on a single platform

The way businesses and consumers shop has radically changed, and it’s going to continue to change going forward. This means that delivering personalized shopping and purchasing experiences with a flexible, scalable, and intelligent commerce solution is essential for growing your business.

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Foot Locker


"Our digital transformation effore were triggered once we realized that our customers were at a level of digital maturity where they stopped differentiating in-store experiences from dot-com, and vice versa."

Pawan Verma, Executive Vice President, Chief Information and Customer Connectivity Officer, Foot Locker

A few years back, Foot Locker shifted its focus from transaction value to customer journeys. Since then their transformation agenda has covered the gamut — uniting technology and data, adopting agile processes,altering internal culture, even changing the type of person to hire.

Let experience drive your commerce.

Retail customers don’t want to be sold. They demand to be treated as individuals. Everything must be effortless. They demand to be cared for and empowered in every interaction, online or in-store. But this requires the right technology and data, insights from real-time shopping behaviors and the ability to personalize shopper experiences based on that insight.

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