Search, Social, and Commerce marketing that looks to the future. And paves the way there.  

Millions of keywords. Multiple ecosystems. Dimensional targeting. Deciphering all your data can feel impossible on your own. Adobe Advertising Search, Social, and Commerce uses AI-driven performance management tools like automated optimization, simulations, spend recommendations, and more to break the cycle of fragmentation.

On average, Adobe Advertising sees 90-95% accuracy in its forecast models.

Explore the industry’s first hybrid bid optimization engine.

Get more ROI with AI-powered bidding in Search, Social, and Commerce.

Grow, don’t guess
Use artificial intelligence to maximize your search, shopping, commerce, and retargeting campaigns to reach your performance goals.

Say goodbye to busy work
No more manual optimization. Campaigns run themselves so you’re free to focus on the big picture. Spend your time strategizing so that you’re ready for the future.

All your data, all in one place
Connect and track your data, audience segments and other marketing channels in one dashboard so nothing falls through the cracks.

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Adobe can help.

The Search, Social, and Commerce platform automates all aspects of your campaign to give you more comprehensive and efficient performance management. Real-time integration lets you connect your data, audience segments, and other marketing channels to get a bird’s-eye view of all areas of your performance.

Our model transparency and accuracy reports are designed to go beyond basic click-forecasting and generate insight into actual performance. That way, you can make informed decisions that help you meet your goals.

With automated insights and end-to-end connectivity, you can take control of your global advertising spend and get the transparency you need to succeed.

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“Adobe Advertising Search has contributed to a strong push towards cost reduction and more importantly allowed for us to optimize our strategies far better and maintain our share of voice — all while constantly increasing the efficacy of our efforts.”

Mihir Palan, Account Director, Digital Media Planning & Buying, Social Kinnect

Search, Social, and Commerce Features

Predictive modeling

Our ready-to-use forecasting tools can run advanced simulations to uncover the optimal spend point for your highest return. Our personalized budget planner will recommend the right spend amount to allocate across your portfolios.

Advanced campaign management

Simplify campaign management with automated tools for fast creating and editing and custom reports that work across search engines. Access everything you need from one dashboard for a streamlined workflow.

Performance optimization

AI-powered optimization improves performance by maximizing conversions no matter your budget. We’ve developed sophisticated bidding models, so you can get more precise campaign predictions across all your key metrics.

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