One enriched customer profile.

Customer data sources across the business are automatically combined into a single, source-of-truth profile. From marketing to sales to service and support, better data empowers better decision-making for a journey that delights customers.

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Personalize from beginning to end.

Armed with customer information from sales and marketing, you can orchestrate campaigns and sales actions for an optimal experience. You’ll also get increased insights into campaign ROI and a shorter sales cycle.

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Get marketing and sales on the same page.

Share data in real time and bi-directionally between Adobe Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, including transactions, online behavior, and device use.

Your customers are everywhere. Meet them there.

Your customers are engaging with you across all your channels, which means you have the tough task of meeting them wherever they are. And on top of that, they’re expecting personalized experiences every time. With powerful campaign orchestration, you can make that happen.

W.B. Mason integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Adobe marketing technology.

Find out how they utilize offline customer interactions with their e-commerce to bring their 120-year-old company into the digital world.

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Let’s talk about what Adobe + Microsoft can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe + Microsoft can do for your business.